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Mechanical and Special Testing

Today’s diverse projects, require technical information and solutions which clients rely on Interra to provide, with fast and accurate results. Information provided is commonly used for structural engineering analysis and design verification. Proof load testing, reinforcing steel location and verifications, structural member load testing, and pressure tests.

Interra also offers a wide variety of welder certifications, welding procedure qualification, and weld testing and inspection consultation. Testing is commonly performed at your facility or at the job site. We have extensive resources of welding related specifications and codes, to guarantee quality results and compliance with recognized standards.

Certified Weld Inspector (CWI) Service
  • Visual Inspection: AWS, ASME, API
  • Performance qualification testing
  • Weld procedure specification testing and writing 




Mechanical and Special Testing


International Code Council
American Institute of Steel Construction
American Welding Society
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